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Sail Fish

Salty Adventures

Salt Hunt seeks to give our clients an unforgettable salty adventure in Guanacaste’s pristine coastline. Our mission is to satisfy our clients through a personalized experience that fits our client’s specific desires. 

Offshore Fishing

Half Day (4hrs) - Full Day (8hrs)

Go out to the drop about 25miles and enjoy catching Sailfish, Marlin, Mahi Mahi and Tuna. Fishing is great almost all year round and you can expect to have a memborable experience with us. You have very high chances of catching your most desired trophy fish with us!

Inshore Fishing

Half Day (4hrs) - Full Day (8hrs)

Cruise the coastline’s islands searching for Roosterfish, Snapper, Mackerel, Amberjack, Mahi Mahi, Grouper, Snook and plenty more.  If you hook that Rooster, get ready for an adrenaline filled fight!


Half Day (4hrs) - Full Day (8hrs)

Offshore: This is the opportunity of a lifetime to catch  a +200lb tuna! Swim with thousands of spinner dolphins, sailfish, marlin, mantas, and if you are lucky maybe even a whale.

Inshore: Dive into the coastline reefs and islands to catch  monster Cubera Snapper, Wahoo, Mackerel, Mahi and Amberjack. This is a also great option to spot some giant mantas, eagle-rays, turtles, nurse and whitetip sharks.


Half Day (4hrs) - Full Day (8hrs)

Northern Guanacaste offers world class surfing spots. Witches Rock and Ollies Point surfing trips available. These can be combined with some fishing or whale watching on the way back.

Beach Picnic

Half Day (4hrs) - Full Day (8hrs)

Guanacaste’s coastline has plenty of crystal-clear water beaches with white sand. Many of them private and others only accessible by boat. Enjoy a fresh homemade lunch while at paradise.

Beach Picnic.JPEG
Ride and Relax.JPEG

Ride and Relax

Half Day (4hrs) - Full Day (8hrs)

Our crew will take you to various beaches at trolling speed to enjoy the wonderful Guanacastecan coastline. You will be able to sail close by white-sanded beaches.


Half Day (4hrs) - Full Day (8hrs)

If you enjoy water sports, let us know and we can provide you snorkeling gear. We can take you to a calm bay where you will surely have some fun, swin in pristine conditions, and watch Costa Rica's rich underwater life.


Whale Watching

Half Day (4hrs) - Full Day (8hrs)

Whale watching season starts in September and lasts through November. Our crew will take you around the bay looking for a mother and its calf. Usually they are near the coastline and travel slowly with their youngsters. This provides an excellent chance to get close and get some amazing pictures. Whale breaching is pretty common so expect to see these giants out of the water.

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